Foodie Meet Ups + Foodie Bonding. Currently operating in Mumbai only!
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There are currently no upcoming events. Please check back later!

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26 Jul 2017 08:00pm The Hospitality Club
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16 Jul 2017 01:00pm Fatka #57 at BURN, BKC
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22 Feb 2017 08:00pm Fatka#53 at Masala Bar
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18 Dec 2016 06:00pm Mega Bandra Foodwalk!
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28 Oct 2016 07:30pm Kadka #40 at Pack-a-Pav
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16 Oct 2016 12:00pm Fatka #51 at Todi Mill Social
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26 Aug 2016 08:30pm Kadka #39 @ Theeram, Kalina
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26 Jul 2016 08:00pm Kadka #38 @ Goila Butter Chicken
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29 May 2016 10:30am Breakfast Kadka at Vig, Chembur
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07 Feb 2016 01:00pm FATKA Lunch 47 - The Korner House
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08 Nov 2015 12:30pm #Fatka Brunch #46 @ blueFROG
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25 Oct 2015 07:30pm #Kadka #33 @ CRAVE, Bandra
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11 Oct 2015 12:30pm #Fatka Lunch #45 @Mirchi And Mime
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06 Aug 2015 02:00am Test event
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08 Mar 2015 12:45pm [MUM] #Fatka #41 @ Zen Cafe
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16 Oct 2014 08:15pm [MUM] #Fatka Dinner #37 @ JOSS
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31 Aug 2014 12:30pm [MUM] Kadka Lunch #25



18 August 2017

Anybody willing to take on this Spicy Instant Noodle challenge? #Spicy #Noodles

16 August 2017

Pesto Spaghetti with Mushrooms. Many vegan restaurants are now in Bali catering to the trends of the international millenial traveller. Nothing wrong in it, just the fact that they don't believe in spicy food for some reason? That's my only gripe with the vegetarian & vegan fare in Bali. Food was delicious none the less, but the Indian in me craves that additional hit 😊 #petpujaris #foodporn #vegan #vegatarian #balipetpuja #bali #indonesia #food52

11 August 2017

Coffe & Tea tasting at a coffee plantation in Bali. The thing that will pull every coffee lover to Bali is to try Luwak Coffee. There are many small coffee plantations in Bali where they explain the way the Luwak Coffee is prepared. For those that don't know what Luwak is, here's a quick explanation - a civet cat eats coffee fruits (they love them), then poop out coffee beans, the beans have been modified with the cat's digestive enzymes, they are thoroughly cleaned and roasted for consumption. The whole process reduces the bitterness of the coffee, giving a very smooth, silky, & aromatic coffee. A non-coffee drinker won't really notice the difference. The way these plantations work is you pay for a cup of Luwak Coffee (around $5 USD), and get to taste all other offerings including teas. Other than Luwak, we went through coconut coffee, vanilla coffee, red ginger tea, mangosteen tea, turmeric tea, lemongrass tea. Has anybody ever tried Luwak coffee? What has been your experience? #petpujaris #balipetpuja #bali #indonesia #wanderlust #travel #vacation #coffee #luwakcoffee #coffeeaddict #coffeelife #indonesia

10 August 2017

Spotted last night - An innovative way for a bar to be different. People are sitting side-by-side facing the road on steps with candlelight. If only the road had less traffic or was a beach! . . . . . . #petpujaris #bali #seminyak #wanderlust #travel #vacation #indonesia #nightlife

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As die-hard foodies, we're always looking out for interesting places to eat but tired of doing it alone or in the company of folks who aren't trying to stave of the urge to lick the plate clean :P

Hence, Pet Pujaris - A gang of die-hard foodies who venture out together to try new eateries in Mumbai.

We do this twice a month... once in the beginning and then towards the end. The beginning of every month will be set aside for the more pricey food establishments in Mumbai - #Fatka, and towards the end we will dine at eateries offering more VFM - #Kadka.

Feel free to join us for one or both.

We will pick one from each category every month.

At a #Fatka you pay for what you've eaten in case of al a carte (yes it's a tedious process in splitting the bill) or you pay for the set menu.
At a #Kadka we normally pool in the money if we're visiting more than one place or you again pay for what you eat.

There's no separate registration fee, there's no special email database, just keep checking the page for event updates and show up.